Nature Is The Best Amenity

/ Chad Meacham

While this is the age of social media, web-based apps and technologically “smart” homes, people still want a sense of community and connection with others – outside their residence or workplace.

One way developers, builders, landscape architects and planners are meeting that preference is by designing places for gathering, walking, exercising and playing outside where people can relax, reflect and connect with nature and each other. It comes as no surprise that master-planned communities in the beginning stages of planning are trending toward more natural parks and play elements added into their designs.

Including natural amenities in construction, landscape and design has been a trend for several years, and we don’t expect it to change anytime soon. D.L. Meacham has vast experience constructing amenities for residential communities and commercial properties that include elements from nature in an experiential and sustainable way.

People prefer more natural “play” elements, like the log steppers from buried tree stumps and natural berms we created in one West Lake Houston community to emphasize the surrounding trees and nature. Wooden benches, playgrounds from natural elements, rooftop gardens, a wetlands park and a birding tower are all examples of some of the types of natural amenities we have constructed for places that connect people with nature.