Josey Lake Park Receives Award of Excellence from ASLA

/ Chad Meacham

The Texas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects has awarded Josey Lake Park in Cypress, Texas, its prestigious 2019 Award of Excellence. D.L. Meacham was honored by the opportunity to build this award-winning park and signature community amenities including birding tower and canoe launch.

“These are what we call experiential amenities and provide residents with ways of interacting with the environment,” said Chad Meacham, managing partner of D.L. Meacham. “Josey Lake Park is a 140-acre recreational greenspace that provides accessibility to nature and outdoor activities, as well as linking the residential community and commercial developments.”

D.L. Meacham worked with the owner of architect to construct this project. The project is a testament to the growing preference for natural amenities and a commitment to sustainability because the community’s storm water retention area has become a useable and enjoyable amenity.